December 09, 2011

In memory of Benoit Mandelbrot

A tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot (20 November 1924 - 14 October 2010) - a maverick of academia.

Thanks to Dark Flow for the music "Groggy Sunrise".

Planetarium proposal
Ken Hawthorn (at the Fujitsu Planetarium, De-Anza college in Cupertino, California) gave me the idea of projecting a Mandelbrot zoom in a planetarium. Inspired by Dr. Mandelbrot's death last year, I attempted to create a high definition rendering of a Mandelbrot zoom that could be appreciated by those who have never seen it before and could be projected in a Planetarium setting. Synchronization of zoom events against appropriate music is one key element. Planetarium operators are welcome to contact me to use this material gratis via Creative Commons license.

Final zoom location:
max iterations=10,000,000

Render tech
Each frame was individually rendered at 1080x1080 resolution (1080p) and strung together at 30 frames per second. Sidebands were added for compatibility with standard 1920x1080 resolution. No frame interpolation was used. All images were lovingly rendered by 12 CPU cores running 24/7 for 7 months.


Vénos Verhydndrûm said...

What software do you use?

Orson Wang said...

I use Ultra Fractal for its multi-computer capability and frame-by-frame control. More casual users might prefer Fractal Extreme for its far efficient move rendering method.

julesruis said...

For more information about fractals, especially also 3D fractals, see:

Gunstick said...

How did you determine the coordinate to zoom in to? I guess at such high iteration value the mandelbrot set is quite uncharted land.

Orson Wang said...

I arrived at this coordinate through a lot of trial-and-error hunting through the Mandelbrot. Finding an interesting point takes almost as much time as rendering the video.

djcj said...

No download version?

Ben Zealley said...

What djcj said. The Youtube page promised a full resolution version! It makes me cry to see 1080p video being screwed to death by Youtube...

Anonymous said...

With Perturbation and Series Approximation this zoom sequence can now be rendered within hours - on an ordinary laptop!
Thanks to K.I.Martin for inventing and sharing his SuperFractalThing method!
For a free and fast C++ implementation go to Kalles Fraktaler

makeyourownmandelbrot said...

A blog about the Mandelbrot set accompanying an ebook designed for school-level readers - it'll take you from basic arithmetic, through the idea of iteration, give a very gentle introduction to complex numbers, and hold your hand through coding your own Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

Comments welcome on both the blog and the ebook (published soon) - the aim is to maximise understanding and I believe anyone with school maths can do it.

Karan Johar said...

Hi i found this information very useful for me.Here is another site which is providing the related information Animated explainer video.

MakeYourOwn Mandelbrot said...

The easy to understand guide to making your own Mandelebrot (using Python) is out:

As ever, feedbac via google+ or is welcome!

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Ultra Fractal is good

Ari Okkonen said...

Fantastic journey with nice colours! (I waited hours in 80's for my 80186 calculate one image in selected area.) I would like to see some indication of current view magnitude counting down in the side bar.

P. Michael Hutchins said...

As I asked at, I think:

How did you represent the coordinates so that you didn't get epsilon swamped by z - in (epsilon + z)?

I ran into that while mapping the closest "apfelman"s (I called them "M"s) near (-2, 0).

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