Fractal Journey

This blog will document my personal exploration of fractals. I have held this fascination ever since I first saw a Mandelbrot fractal on an Apple II computer, generated by a program written in BASIC. (I realize that this information dates me!)

The images in Fractal Journey are all generated purely through mathematical means. While many incredible artists embellish fractal images with post-processing (such as Photoshop) to devastating artistic effect, I am less an artisan and more an explorer. The fractals here represent fractals in the purest form possible, employing only transfer functions, coloring formulas and palettes necessary to bring out patterns to the eye. All images are clickable to full wallpaper sized (1600 x 1200) images.

Since my fascination began with the Mandelbrot fractal, this is where I will begin my journey. Without further ado, here is the full view of the Mandelbrot set:


These images were created using three custom built computers with Intel Quad Core processors: Q6600, Q9550, and i7-920. All use Windows XP.