March 10, 2010

Mandelbrot Assemblage

"Mandelbrot Assemblage" is based on the idea in Mandelbrot Birth and Evolution whereby the exponent "n" in the equation z^n+c is manipulated as the principal variable in the animation. However, for this animation, the exponent "n" is decreased from 40 to 2. Furthermore, rather than showing the entire set, the animation zooms in on Seahorse Valley and tracks its evolution as the exponent is reduced to 2. Note that the location is not fixed in this case since the location of Seahorse Valley moves as the exponent is changed.

"Escape" (edited for length) by Dark Flow.

Technical information
Each frame was rendered in luxurious 1920x1080 resolution, strung together at 30 frames per second, and encoded at 16Mbps, making this a Full HD animation worthy of your 1080p flatscreen.

Download 1080p MP4 (Highest Quality, 1920x1080 - 253MB)
Download WMV (Medium Quality, 1280x720 - 116MB)